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About eCampus

eCampus is Monmouth University's online learning management system, powered by D2L's Brightspace Learning Environment.

eCampus is where instructors may post material, hold discussions, collect assignments or post grades as appropriate for web-enhanced, hybrid, or fully-online courses.

The system has a number of tools that may be used for courses.

Announcements, Updates and Events
Instructors can keep students up-to-date with course announcements and events in eCampus.

This is where content for a course, including everything from the course syllabus to PowerPoint, lecture notes, links, images, video and audio files and assignments, can be found.

Discussions and Chat
Online discussions can be a vital part of both web-enhanced and online courses. The eCampus Discussion and Chat tools provide numerous and flexible options for facilitating online communication and extending class dialogue outside of the classroom.

eCampus provides an easy way to receive assignments electronically. Say goodbye to late papers shoved under the office door or in your email!

Online quizzes can be made available, either for use in a proctored environment (classroom lab) or for remote access.

Instructors have the ability to calculate and post grades within eCampus. If desired, this information can be available to students throughout the semester so they may better track their own progress.

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