photo of hawk

“Monmouth Hawk Storytelling Night”

Thursday October 6th  6-8 pm
Great Hall Auditorium
Share your dream-inspired or dream-related story with us!

You choose the form:  Prose! Poetry! Performance! Song!

Tell the story of your dream for the world, or dream life, or dream job. Or the story of something or someone who inspired you to dream big. Tell your version of MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Do you have dreams of discovering a new planet or becoming a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist? Did your parents share any of the dreams they had at your age? Do you remember a nightmare you just couldn’t shake?  A dream where you were flying?  Or a dream that’s been crushed? 

It may be true or embellished.  You may use notes if you’d like, (index cards are ideal!), but please don’t use your cell phone or large pieces of paper that will keep you from engaging with the audience.  Keep your story to five minutes please!  There will be a timekeeper to give you a heads up to let you know how much time you have left.

To reserve your spot, email Samantha E. Walton ( You may also sign up at the event.

For ideas and tips on how to tell a story, feel free to check out the website of the non-profit organization “The Moth”:

PS Bring your friends along so they may share, or listen, or both.

PPS If you want to rehearse with us the day before, (Oct 5th), we are having an informal get together in JP 235 from 2:50-4:10.

Contact Dorothy Doyle at or
Sarah Van Clef at .